ShareGrind Logo PNGShareGrind is like a Startup Grind for the sharing economy.  Startup Grind is meant to educate and unite local startup communities across the globe and operates in over 50 cities.  ShareGrind is meant to connect local communities of folks in the sharing economy and the sharing economy startup ecosystem.

ShareGrind started in Los Angeles as a way to unite Airbnb© and home-sharers interested in connecting with people to help find ways to earn a full time income through homesharing and replace the lack of freedom from a typical 9 – 5 jobs.  As many people in the sharing economy seek to travel the world as digital nomads or startup entrepreneurs.  ShareGrind believes in following a human approach to uniting the sharing economy.  In a world where people have a misconception that Facebook is an alternative to real communication.

Like the iPhone created a new ecosystem of startups from mobile app firms, to mobile development firms, mobile ad firms, car-sharing and ride-sharing, and so much more.  The sharing economy has created a new ecosystem of startups.  Just home-sharing alone has created an ecosystem of housekeeping startups, third party booking providers, travel startups, and so much more.  ShareGrind wants to help these startups grow in a way that is about sharing.  Where companies are meant to help one another and not compete like a zero sum game.

You can find ShareGrind events in the following cities: