Increase Revenue for Hotels

Learn how Phonebnb can take your existing in-room phones and turn them into a revenue stream rather than an expense.

Increase Desirability of Short Term Rentals

Learn how Phonebnb can make your rental property more attractive to potential guests by adding unlimited phone calls with no risk to you.

Quick Time to Market

Phonebnb can quickly be added to an existing telephone system.


Uses Existing Infrastructure

Installation of Phonebnb is quick and does not require any placement of additional cables in the hotel. Even the in-room phones remain the same.


Increase Indirect Revenue

Phonebnb  can help turn a guest room into an “office for a day,” requiring food and beverage service from the hotel and increasing  the use of other on-property services.


Flexible Choice of Models

Phonebnb can be offered in a variety of ways to match your hotel’s needs and guest preferences.  In all cases, the value added to the guest is significant.