How to differentiate your overnight rental?

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Let’s be honest, there are many services out there where people go to look for a bed for the night. They check out the hotel options and some go looking at rental apartments (or couches) via Airbnb.

But you want them to choose your room or apartment rather than someone else’s. How can you differentiate your offering from the rest? There are several options:

  • Price
  • Location (not easy to change once you already own the place)
  • What is included:
    • Bed
    • Breakfast
    • Free Cable/Satellite TV
    • Wi-Fi
    • Unlimited long distance calls

Now most properties are offering at least some of them.

For example, Lower-end hotels typically don’t charge for Internet. It’s because they know that Internet access is a differentiator (or, increasingly, table stakes) and their clientele won’t pay for it. [1] Thus Wi-Fi is not a differentiator in the BnB market – it is a must have.

But most rental apartments do not include a telephone because there is no way to either limit your exposure to expensive calls or to monetize it – until now. Even most hotels do not yet offer flat rate, unlimited calls as they are still hoping to charge more than a dollar a minute.

But now with Phonebnb you can offer your guests the option of unlimited international calls for the duration of their stay at a simple flat-rate price.

Think about it, a service you can turn on and off on a daily basis, that unlike Wi-Fi you will make a small profit off of when the guest chooses to take it – even when they use it.



[1] Why do expensive hotels charge for internet access? By Rakesh Agrawal. Posted on Quora at