How a hotel can offer Phonebnb to its guests

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Each hotel has different considerations and guest expectations to meet there are different models that can be used to offer their guests unlimited calls [local, International, cell and landlines] from their in room telephone via Phonebnb at a low daily rate for the duration of their stay at the hotel.

In our discussions with different hotels various options have come up, and in this article we would like to explain some of them.

Each hotel can choose how to offer the services to their guests, and in some cases more than one option will be used in the same property.

Some of the options include:

  • Free to Club members or conference attendees
  • Per day fee including unlimited WiFi
  • As an al a carte premium amenity
  • As a differentiator included in the room rate

Free to Club members or conference attendees

As a way to reward club members, or conference attendees, you can provide the service as a part of their room package. This helps reward those who help fill your property. The cost to the hotel is minimal and the value added for hotel guest is significant.

Per day fee including unlimited WiFi

As a way to bring more value to those guests choosing to purchase your Wi-Fi or premium Wi-Fi package you can bundle the Wi-Fi with unlimited international calls in a package that is sure to tempt business travelers or others that need to spend a lot of time on the phone with home or office.

As an al a carte premium amenity

Guests can either take the service for the full length of their stay, or can add it later if they did not take it upon check-in.This allows the hotel to up-sell the service or the guest to respond to changing requirements during their stay.

As a differentiator included in the room rate

 Some hotels are looking at the changing perception of charging for Wi-Fi, and seeing that there is a benefit to offering free calls to all guests as a way to differentiate with other local properties.

It is quite possible that a hotel may want to both offer the service as a gift to club members and a per day fee to other guests.

These days there is another consideration, again in terms of the changing perception of Wi-Fi, where hotels are living and dying by guest reviews on social media. By offering enhanced services that provide guests with an improved experience will encourage guests towards better reviews. This may result in increased occupancy and future business for the hotel.

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