From where does the money flow?

It is no secret that hotels make more money when guests are actually on hotel grounds. It has been estimated that 40% of a hotel’s profit comes from services related to a person’s physical presence in the hotel.

Whether it is revenue from room service, the hotel gift shop, spa or in room VOD services, the additional revenue that hotels are making as a result of guests consuming services at hotels is significant.

Phonebnb is most certainly a service that hotels can make a significant profit from, but aside from the direct sale of this product, an existing source of revenue can increase as well as a result of implementing Phonebnb.

In room food and beverage service is a big money maker in the hotel industry and because that is the case, hotels attempt to increase the overall time a guest is spending in his or her room.

Phonebnb allows business travelers to turn their hotel room into an “office for the day” as they can use the in room hotel phone to make unlimited long distance and local calls with the comfort of a land-line phone and without being subjected to poor Wi-Fi signal or cell reception.

By turning the room into a “an office for the day” a guest is more likely to consume other services such as in room food and beverage and perhaps spa or video on demand. This is just one more way Phonebnb is beneficial to both hotels and to their guests.