Phonebnb was created with the idea that using a hotel in-room phone should be easy and convenient, much like a home or office phone.  Part of this comfort is knowing there will not be any surprises with the phone bill at the end of the stay.

Phonebnb was built by a team of telecom experts with more than 70 years of technology experience and an excessive amount of world travel to the 6 populated continents of the world*.

The idea for Phonebnb popped into our heads at a telecom conference in the USA. One of our Founders had a customer conference call scheduled, but the WiFi at the conference and hotel was spotty and he had run out of minutes on his mobile plan. With no feasible solution, our guy ended up joining the conference call at a considerable cost from his in-room telephone.

We have been providing telecom services to enterprise and carrier customers for more than 8 years, supporting customers with more than 1 million calls per day.

* We are awaiting for a hotel on Antarctica to complete the full set. To learn more about our technology partners please click on the link below.